40 VDM Muscle Shape Brushes for ZBrush Vol 01

General / 22 May 2021

40 VDM Muscle Shape Brushes for ZBrush Vol 01

40 VDM Brushes of Muscle Shapes to use in ZBrush on human Anatomy (Male and Female) 

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General / 17 May 2021


I did this creature a very long time ago, at least 5 years ago

Female Anatomy

General / 16 May 2021

Muscular Female Anatomy

Hello there guys!
I decided to spend a little bit of time and dust off my anatomy skills on a dynamic muscular female, it was completely sculpted from scratch on ZBrush.
Please let me know your feedback


Sergeant Warhammer

General / 06 May 2021

Sergeant Warhammer

This is Sergeant i sculpted a whole ago


Warhammer Sergeant Head

General / 04 May 2021

Warhammer Sergeant Head

This is just some details of Warhammer Sergeant's head I did a while ago


Yuan Ti Details

General / 03 May 2021

Yuan-Ti Details

Here are some details of Yuan-Ti I sculpted last year...

Enjoy and follow up for more


General / 01 May 2021

Venellope, Personal work 2016

This is a personal work I did very long time ago, at least 5 years ago

Machine Gun (Hard Surface Modeling)

General / 27 April 2021

Machine Gun (Hard Surface Modeling)

This is a Machine i did to Bloodshot

R.Mika-Street Fighter

General / 25 April 2021

R.Mika-Street Fighter

R.Mika - Street Fighter
3D Model for 3D Print
Mika Nanakawa (Japanese: 七川 美華, Hepburn: Nanakawa Mika), known as Rainbow Mika. She is a fictional character and professional wrestler from Capcom’s Street Fighter fighting game series. She was introduced in the 1998 game Street Fighter Alpha 3, and later returned in the 2016 game Street Fighter V.
This is a personal project I did in my free time.

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Terminator Genysis, T800

General / 23 April 2021

Terminator Genysis, T800

This is Terminator Genysis I have done for Skydance production, sculpted and printed out

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